5 Ways to Optimize a Small Home Office for Productivity

Posted by Gloria Martinez on Sep 2nd 2021

5 Ways to Optimize a Small Home Office for Productivity

Is your current house or apartment on the smaller side? If so, you might be wondering what you

can do to get the most use out of this space when you’re working from home. From upgrading

your furniture

selections with items from Celebrity Furnishings to implementing organized

storage systems, there is plenty that you can do even with minimal square footage. Here are a

few tips that will help you make a small home office feel even bigger!

Make Your Office Comfortable

If you’ve been working in a stiff chair for months on end, you’ll be uncomfortable no matter how

much space you have. It’s time to make your office more comfortable by choosing a supportive

ergonomic chair instead. Creative Bloq


investing in a chair that supports your

arms, back, and lumbar region. Otherwise, you might find yourself with aches and pains at the

end of long work days.

Set Up Storage Systems

Using storage systems to avoid cluttering your office is a great way to prevent yourself from

getting distracted. Family Handyman


using food tins to store pencils and pens,

filling clear plastic shoe boxes with miscellaneous items or materials, and using a cable

organizer to keep cords out of your way. Floating shelves are also a good storage option if you

have enough wall space.

What if you have lots of paper files, but no room for a filing cabinet? If your desk drawers do not

have enough space for your file folders, you could start


your files to save space. Going

paperless in your business is an eco-friendly choice that works well for small spaces!

Soundproof Your Office

Making your home office


will make it easier for you to be productive. If you have a small

space, you actually might have an advantage - there is less potential for echoing, and

soundproofing it will be relatively simple. With heavy curtains, rugs, and even a tapestry, you

can muffle sounds. Plus, a pair of noise-canceling headphones will always come in handy,

especially if you don’t have a door for your office space.

Choose Inspirational Decor

You don’t need a ton of room to incorporate some inspirational


into your home office! For

instance, you could use empty wall space to create an art gallery wall with photographs of your

family, framed posters, and paintings that you’ve picked up from local artists or home goods

stores. You could install nice lighting that


your space well - from a new desk lamp to

a chandelier to wall sconces, you have plenty of options! A few plants can also bring a natural

flair to your space.

Find a Larger Space

What if you’ve tried all kinds of strategies to save room, make your office cozier, and stay

productive, but you still feel cramped? If you’re already thinking about relocating

within Phoenix


AZ, but you know that buying a home isn’t the right decision for you just yet, renting a larger

space is probably the solution. First, it helps to make a list of amenities you need, like access to

public transportation, shopping options, certain medical care facilities, or highly ranked public

schools. Next, you can use a search platform like Rentals.com to find a great place to live and

work, which will allow you to filter for features like rentals with a specific number of bedrooms

and bathrooms within your budget.

Working from a small home office does not have to impede your productivity. By making the

most of your small space, you can improve your time management skills, easily concentrate on

projects, and complete your to-do list each day. With these tips, you’ll be amazed at how much

you can do with a small home office!

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