Booth designs come in many shapes and forms

Booth designs come in many shapes and forms

Oct 13th 2019

This black booth with tufted back and smooth sitting area is the perfect choice for a simple restaurant interior. The faux leather used is designed for a commercial projects and can hold a lot of traffic for years to come.

Here our team is working on a corner booth to fit the angle perfectly. We measure multiple times to get the right size. The walls are usually never exactly straight and with the curve we need to take precautions to build the booth in the right way. No booth is the same, especially the corner types due to so many variations.

Here is a Chesterfield style sofa booth in shiny brown leather designed to separate the space, enclose it and to create large seating space. It is a very sturdy piece that can accommodate comfortably six people.

These sofa booths are spread out throughout the restaurant creating nice balance of the tables and chairs and the large masculine leather sofas.  

This contemporary booth brings in the linear design going all the way to the ceiling. It creates quiet intimate space and features noise reduction. It was created for a store at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Arizona.

This diamond tufted black leather booth is connected for continuity and flow of the space.

Here we have a booth with a unique tufted backing and a wave movement design to break down the straight lines in the wood behind. This brings interest and elegance to the space and amplifies the organized wine bottles on top.