How to choose quality furniture?

Celebrity Furnishings on May 23rd 2017

When looking to settle down, a common question arises: what do I want my furniture to look like? How you furnish your home is important. Instead of a cookie-cutter furnishing option collecting furnitu … read more

Where is our client? Who do we work with?

Celebrity Furishings on May 23rd 2017

All of our furniture are made locally in Phoenix, AZ, United States using environmentally responsible manufacturing process.We use only the highest quality materials to create lifetime pieces for you … read more

Why consider Custom Round Sofas?

Celebrity Furnishings on May 23rd 2017

If you have some space in your house, office, lounge, hotels, or any place that you want to put a sofa in then try putting a round sectional sofa. Round sectional sofas consume only a little amount of … read more

Buying American Furniture

Celebrity Furnishings on Feb 15th 2014

If you’re sitting on a couch right now or maybe in a comfy recliner, where did it come from? How about your mattress? I am not looking for the store, rather the actual country it was made in? Fact Fin … read more